Thursday, 20 April 2017

Charlotte Tilbury magic cream-worth the hype?

Hello and so sorry for the long gap since my last post. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I have been battling with a bad back which has put me out of action for much of the last month. As a result I haven't been feel overly motivated to post, or do very much in fact. I had thought I would achieve lots if I was ever off work but in reality I did very little: sat and watched a lot of YouTube, read lots of blogs and felt jealous that other bloggers are doing so well while I feel stuck in the same place that I was last year, and was generally clingy and waiting each day for Mr Vatkinary to come home from work so I had someone to make me cups of coffee. Oh I also did a LOT of online shopping. 

Said shopping took lots of forms; a lot of homeware, not many clothes, some food and lots and lots of beauty products. The upside of this for you is that I've spent the last month trying lots of new bits and am now starting to feel ready to tell you all about them!

First up Charlotte Tilbury magic Cream. I had heard a lot of hype about this cream, and was so so excited to find that Charlotte Tilbury was cruelty free. A girl on the counter in Selfridges actually told me it was named because Charlotte used it on lots of supermodels and they used to ask her for her 'magic cream' as it made such a difference. That was basically me sold, I had been thinking about it ever since and then finally took the plunge and spent £70 on it which was the most I've ever spent on a face cream before (though the By Terry CC serum wasn't far behind and I'll talk more about that another time...)

Now, if I spend £70 on a moisturizer I expect to be impressed big time. I say this not being exactly sure how I expect to be impressed. I'm not desperately wrinkly so I'm not really expecting a huge change from that perspective, my main dislike about my skin is open pores on my nose, but I would never expect a moisturizer to fix those. My skin always feel dry and tight after I wash it but in the morning once I have put face cream on (usually Neal's Yard thus far FYI), it usually feels nice for the rest of the day. So that goes back to the question of what a expensive face cream can actually do to really impress me and I am little bit sad to say this cream didn't fully answer that question...

Most of Charlotte Tilbury is average priced for a premium range, the magic foundation comes in at just under £30, so at £70 this is more than I would usually spend, so I was expecting, well, magic I suppose! Not that this cream isn't lovely, it really is. It smells amazing, is thick but feels lovely and light and sinks in quite quickly, though does take several minutes. After application, my skin didn't feel tacky, and my make up went on really nicely, (not that I've been wearing much make up recently). It also has SPF 15, and perhaps mostly importantly to me (though it's a bit embarrassing to admit), has the most glamorous, luxurious packaging, with a box that makes you feel like you're opening a present when you open it!

After all that you might wonder what wasn't magic about it and that's hard to answer. I suppose all I would say is that while it had so much going for it it just didn't wow me any more than any other product does. It really is a lovely product but perhaps not one I would repurchase as I couldn't tell that much difference from my normal Neal's Yard one which is less than £30. I also didn't get any comments about my skin looking any better, though to be fair I've looked rather rough recently with being ill, and have never used a cream that was transformative to the extent that people notice and comment!

So that's my review, hope it helps if you are thinking of buying it, I am excited to try some more of her products as have heard so many good things about them, especially the pillow talk lip cheat, so watch out for that one! 

I would love to hear your experiences if you have tried it, or if you have any other Charlotte Tilbury recommendations as I'm new to her brand. 

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