Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Low carb London- Bargain eating at Leon

I haven't been doing these posts as regularly as I'd like to have, mainly because I usually eat food before I've remembered to photograph it, or alternatively because the place I am eating in is pretty busy and I don't fancy whipping my camera out and making a scene!

I am still at the stage where I prefer people not to know I'm taking pictures, and try to do it covertly- an art in itself. Either way this means I eat out quite a lot but most of the time this never makes it on here- hence so few Low carb London posts thus far.

Somewhere I have been eating quite a lot recently is Leon, these are scattered all over London but my regular one is the one at Euston Station, because I pass through there quite often. I have eaten there quite a lot recently, or taken food from there to eat on the train or at home, because not only do they do an NHS discount (I work for the NHS), but also, if you sign up to their newsletter you get 40% off food after 5pm making it very reasonably priced indeed! Additionally, when I signed up to their mailing list I also got a voucher for a free Clean Green Shake- apple, baby spinach, coconut water, ginger, lemon juice and avocado. Delicious and just 12g carbs- pretty low for a juice/ smoothie.

On this occasion though, I populated the Regent Street branch, a stones throw from Oxford Circus station, I ventured there with my sister the other day for a well deserved munch on emerging from the depths of Topshop after what felt like hours, and where we lost each other several times and were unable to find each other as we had no signal because we were on the bottom floor. Anyway, I digress, the decor is pretty cheap and cheerful, the cutlery is plastic and it's more of a cafe than a restaurant, having a similar healthy fast food ethos to Crussh, which I wrote about here, but the food is certainly not cafe standard, and their ethical, organic and sustainability standards place them far above a lot of other cafes/ fast food outlets. FYI- I've popped a selection of pictures in here, not just ones taken that day, as I also took some home, in case you're wondering why the pictures seem to have been taken on two different tables (or is it just me who notices that level of detail?)

There are quite a lot of options around the 10g of carbs mark including some sweet treats like the delicious Billionaires shortbread which has a polenta and almond base and less than 150 calories- definitely trying to recreate this one! There's also a dark chocolate, almond and orange bar for 9g carbs- if you're a low carber and chocolate lover you'll know there's not many places you can get chocolate from for under 10g of carbs a bar!

On the savoury side there's also a few options; the original superfood salad- this has 17g carbs and is a pretty substantial salad packed with quinoa, feta, broccoli, avocado, peas and seeds. You can also get a roasted vegetable mezze pot for 11g with roasted sweet potato, carrot, courgette and herbs. If you're being really strict you can get a fresh slaw for 5g carbs with red, white and savoy cabbage, mint, peas and a sesame dressing, as well as lots of little low carb dressings/ dips including aioli, chimichurri and tarragon mayo.

Lastly, let's also not forget breakfast; they do a great £3.95 breakfast deal where you can get any breakfast item and a coffee- bargain! My breakfast of choice is the saucy beans and poached egg pot for just 6g carbs and 9g protein.

Lots of options and if you're not veggie, there's even more! Don't forget to sign up to the newsletter as the offers are amazing and not sure how much longer they'll hang around for! They have a really comprehensive website that has all the nutritional information, though none of the prices- they must have different prices in different branches.

I'll be back soon with another of these posts, slowly working my way through a long list of London's eateries- a tough job but someone has to do it!

ps, as I write this, I'd noticed that Leon have recently bought out a new menu that features a spiralized courgette and kale salad that has only 3.4g per portion! I'll be checking that one out very soon!

Square Meal


  1. This looks good, Ilove reading these posts, so do keep doing them please!
    Ella x

  2. Yes! Please try to recreate that shortbread! It looks delicious. Also so does that dark chocolate almond orange bar :))

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. I am definately trying to recreate those, they're so good!

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